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Orient Wire Ropes Private Limited

An ISO-9001 : 2008 company certified by 'MOODY INTERNATIONAL Certification Ltd.' having certification number IIN-0072.06-02 for manufacturing & marketing of Steel Wire Ropes & Slings.

Promoters are highly techno-commercially qualified, fulfill the essential requirements of successfully managing an engineering intensive industry.

Since 1972 Orient Wire Ropes is catering the steel wire rope market with a team of dedicated, qualified and diligent people.

We believe
our first responsibility is to our customers
our products must always be good
we must strive to continuously improve them
our orders must be promptly and accurately executed
our dealers must make a fair profit.

second responsibility is to those who work with us
our employees must have a sense of security in their jobs
wages must be fair and adequate.
we must provide clean healthy and orderly working conditions
workers should have on organized system for suggestion and complaints
opportunity for development and growth must exist for deserving
each person must be respected
as an individual standing on his dignity and merit.
our executives must be trained, educated, talented, and devoted
they must be motivated and determined to motivate others
they must be instrumental in percolating the objectives down the line.

third responsibility is to the society we live in
ethics in business must be defined and followed
we must be good citizen-encourage good works and charity
we must bear our share of taxes
we must maintain the property we are privileged to use.

fourth and last responsibility is to our stockholders
business must make good reasonable profit
wealth should be maximized
research and development must carry on
reserves must be built, adventurous programmes developed
bad times must be provided for, mistakes made and paid for
new equipment must be designed and installed
technology must be continuously upgraded, new ideas experimented
with these things been done, the stockholder should receive a fair return.

we are determined with almighty's grace and blessings
to fulfill these obligations to the best of our ability
may God give us the strength to change what we feel and can,
the patience to bear what we can't
& the wisdom to differentiate between the two.


Copyright Orient Wire Ropes Private Limited . All rights reserved.